Make Seo Ranks makes your SEO dream come true. With our SEO expert team, we dive deep into your requirements and formulate an effective strategy that gives you the marketing results you desire. Effective leads with which you can do business is what we work on and we have the track record to prove it.

SEO Services That Turn Your Leads into Customers

SEO services are offered by an SEO agency that aids a business in ranking well on any search engine like Google, which, in turn, drives profitable traffic to your business website.

Do you know that SEO is responsible for 51% of website traffic, and generates 40% of revenue, as reported by Ahrefs? If you’re a business, you have to be on the web and these facts are a testament to this. Having an online presence increases your business visibility as that’s where your ideal customers are.

Nowadays, people are actively using search engines for a wide array of purposes. These include searching to clear any query, looking for any business service, or even for any latest news or activity. Search engines provide you with the information that you search for at that very moment. If your business can solve any query or provide customers with a particular service, Google displays your business in the search result. Hence, you have to be on the web and rank well. Ranking well is crucial as most customers don’t move past page 1 of Google, and your business can remain invisible despite all your web marketing efforts.

To rank well, you need SEO specialist services. SEO is your unpaid internet marketing effort to drive organic traffic to your website and rank on the search engines. We at Make Seo Ranks can come to your benefit, as we’ve helped small businesses and big corporations with our full-stack SEO services. With our efforts, the results garnered were unparalleled to what our clients ever saw. We take the in-depth process of first understanding your business, and your requirements. After this, we conduct SEO audit and then map out a magnet strategy that can attract your business prospects to you. Lastly, for your SEO success story, we not only bring the leads but engage them in a way that they become customers and eventually, loyal promoters of your brand.

What Clients Think About Our SEO Services

Thank you so much for helping me get through this project that at first seemed so overwhelming and difficult. Your patience with me and quick response time allowed me to get through this and am very happy with the end result. I would be happy if you used me as a referral at any time. I hope to keep in contact and use your services with any future needs I may have related to this website.

What Is SEO And Why You Need It In The Digital Age?

To understand SEO, you must first understand what a search engine is and how it functions. A search engine is a simple software system on the world wide web that provides the web user with an answer to their query. That web query can be anything from headlines to services, facts, or more. All search engines use a web crawler whenever a user searches for any query. A web crawler is a type of bot that browses the content available on the world wide web. The web crawler then tries to rank the pages or content that answers your query the best and presents those results on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). This is what forms the results of your query on the result page of any search engine. To rank higher and to do more business, you need an exceptional SEO service provider that can boost your conversion rate. To rank higher and to do more business, you need an exceptional SEO service provider.

SEO is an internet marketing tactic that helps you rank well on these search engine result pages. It’s important to rank well as the top 5 results get 75% of the clicks. There are many strategies we follow to rank well on search engines. Some of the major SEO tactics are described below:

1. High-Quality Content:

The reason why you’ll ever show up on the search engine for a user query is when you answer that particular query. Therefore, providing value to the user or answering a user query can help you outrank other competitors. Content marketing can include blogs, articles, infographics, or videos that answer or solve a specific user query. Hence, Hence, high-quality content is an essential component of SEO and any website visitor expects good content from a reliable company.

As Industry experts say, “Create content that teaches”. Any content that provides value to the user is bound to get a higher rank on the search engines. Make sure to always optimize the content for the search engines so that it ranks well. Therefore, your content strategy should include descriptive titles, a well-answered search query for which you wish to rank, descriptive images, etc. In conclusion, your content marketing strategy should satisfy both the user and the search engine.

2. Quality Backlinks:

Backlinks are links from one website to another. These backlinks are considered as votes and are an important factor for the search engine ranking. Let’s understand this with the help of an example. There are two websites: A and B, both of which provide digital marketing services. If any content on site A links or directs to some content on site B, then that’s site A’s way of telling the search engine that site B has done something better or has explained a specific topic well. Hence, site B gets a vote from Site A and therefore, increasing trustworthiness, and authority in the eyes of the search engine.

When the search engine sees the link, it’s telling the search engine that site B is getting a vote for Site A. This builds site B’s authority and helps them rank better than its competitors as the search engine sees it as an authoritative site. However, you should only get links from trusted websites that themselves have a good reputation with the search engine. Getting low-quality links can harm your rankings and it’s better to have good links than to have any bad links.

3. Technical SEO:

It’s essential to take care of a site’s technical requirements for it to rank well. Technical SEO allows search engines to crawl and access your website without any problems. If search engines can’t crawl your website, all your SEO efforts can go in vain. Search engines have separate factors for a website’s technical SEO. Some of the factors included in this are mobile responsiveness, page speed, etc. In conclusion, make sure and optimize your website so that any search engine bot can crawl it.

It’s essential to take care of a site’s technical requirements for it to rank well. Technical SEO allows search engines to crawl and access your website without any problems. If search engines can’t crawl your website, all your SEO efforts can go in vain. Search engines have separate factors for a website’s technical SEO. Some of the factors included in this are mobile responsiveness, page speed, etc. In conclusion, make sure and optimize your website so that any search engine bot can crawl it.

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How Professional SEO Services Can Benefit Your Business?

SEO can be the make it or break it deal for your business. As reported by Backlinko, “53% of US consumers say that they research products using a search engine before deciding whether or not to buy”. Your online presence can bring your ideal customers to you or pull them away. SEO can play a vital role and it does it in the following ways:

Increased Visibility
High Conversion Leads
Business Expansion


More Opportunities To Do Business

Your organic, unpaid efforts can help you rank well and establish a domain authority over your competitors. Better visibility means a higher chance of converting a potential buyer into a customer. Our experts at Make Seo Ranks, focus on implementing a suitable personalized strategy that aids you in finding customers that wish to talk business with you. With our SEO audit and implementation, you can get ahead of the curve and thrive on better growth, higher ROI, and trustworthiness.

Quality Conversions That Boost Your ROI

If your SEO strategy is well in place, you can attract customers or clients that certainly wish to do business with you. These individuals are referred to as leads and leads are important for every business and it's important that a business keeps getting high-ticket leads to grow and thrive online. Search optimization practices ease the process of generating quality leads for your business. With Make Seo Ranks' best Search Engine optimization services, you can be sure of recurring business leads to improve profitability. Be it from organic channels, social media, or referral channels, we focus on driving quality leads faster for your company. Make Seo Ranks is committed to simplify the process of business growth for everyone through complete SEO. We are a quality SEO service provider that takes no time in delivering top results.

Grow Your Clients And Customer Base

Regardless of industries, every small company or a big organization seeks business growth and the best way to achieve that is through Search Engine Optimization. When more people will get to see your website, the more traction you will generate that's followed by potential leads. SEO gives a robust trajectory for business growth that speeds up the entire process. With constant digital disruption, it has become pivotal for companies to find a way to sustain and expand. Thus, to help your business kick-start, we have got you covered.



National SEO is the organic strategy that you execute to attract people or customers on a national scale.


If you want to make your website local SEO compliant, then we can help you with this. We will be able to make your site linked with the keywords for the area


Achieve Top Page Rankings via effective SEO methods. Our SEO packages have been designed to meet your business needs.


We can help you to come up with some of the best links for your site through some of the best methods, including working with other popular sites.

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Our Rewarding SEO Approach for Clients

1. Client Goals

It’s important to first thoroughly evaluate the goals of a client. Is it more leads, better rank, links, or more conversions? Whatever your target might be, we at Make Seo Ranks try to understand what you wish to achieve through SEO. Creating a personalized strategy, with important findings is important for laying the base of an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy. Paying attention to minute details, customer demographics, buyer personas, and patterns are some of the first steps we take as a marketing savvy agency.

What Qualities Should An SEO Agency Have?

SEO is a process of commitment, and you should be careful while choosing an outsourcing agency. As stated by industry experts, “33% of companies outsource sales and marketing”. Just because some agency is offering you cheap SEO services, doesn’t mean you should immediately sign a contract with them. As stated above, SEO is a make-it-or-break-it deal for your business and can empower your business like no other strategy. Therefore, there are some traits that an effective SEO agency should have, some of which are:

They Understand Your Business

Firstly, any SEO Company should understand your business and requirements from the marketing viewpoint. Knowing these details, an SEO service provider can formulate an effective strategy. Looking at your business, scope, and competitors is crucial for boosting your services and business. Also, see if they are flexible with your specific arrangements, needs, or requirements. It is based on these factors that an agency forms a personalized strategy instead of a generic one. This is the first crucial factor that you should look for in an SEO services agency.

Effective At Communication

Being transparent and regularly providing updates with your SEO services is a sign of a professional agency. You should always look for an agency that remains transparent from start to finish. Be it their pricing, way of working, or even technical aspects like the tools that they use, everything should be clear and upfront. This is an important point that you just can’t do without.

The Agency Has Proven Results With Numerous Accolades

Make sure to visit the website of your SEO provider and look at how many projects have they worked on? Have they won any awards or accolades? What’s their client satisfaction record? Companies that are experts don’t hide this data and display the information on their website. After all, they have nothing to hide. You just can’t outsource your SEO with some rookie organization. Look for what they’ve achieved and then discuss your vision with them.

What Makes Make Seo Ranks Stand Out?

At Make Seo Ranks, we understand your pain points and work according to your requirements. Keeping the whole process easy and convenient for you is what we focus on. At Make Seo Ranks, we know what works for your business as we have the experience and the expertise. Being in the business for over a decade, our agency has served multiple industries and domains. We follow a personalized and performance-driven approach to bring the most prolific SEO services in India at affordable costs. Make Seo Ranks provides the best SEO services in India and has the following features:

We Value Your Time And Money

We understand that you have limited resources and want the best of results. At Make Seo Ranks, we make sure to push the limit so that you get maximum profit with minimal expenditure. Make Seo Ranks believe in generating higher values for your business that sustain for years to come. We understand the fact that every business is different and they need to drive distinct values to their customers and stakeholders. Considering this, we opt for a bespoke-made strategy that is dedicatedly focused on generating higher values for your business. Be it your customers, stakeholders, or partners, Make Seo Ranks take care of every entity and deliver greater values that become the foundation for future growth.

A Passionate Team Of SEO Wizards

With Make Seo Ranks, we follow the complete process of contemplating your business and forming an effective SEO strategy that is robust and guarantees results. Taking the process step-by-step is our way of working. We have experts for your specific needs as we work in a host of domains. Keeping the whole process transparent allows for effective communication with you. Our Experts follow White Hat SEO strategies that give you the results you seek.

Using productive tools for performing result-driven SEO is what we do to drive more leads to your business. Make Seo Ranks leverages a full stack of SEO paid tools that help us to identify growth opportunities faster and implement the strategies with higher accuracy. From keyword research to on-page optimization and acquiring backlinks, we leverage performance-driven tools to collect data and implement strategies. We use measurement tools that help us in creating monthly reports so that you can keep track of your campaigns. A complete team of professional’s measure, update and maintain the SEO activities that guarantee you positive results in a matter of time.

Results With Recognition

Make Seo Ranks is an established Bing, and Google certified company that has served over 8800 clients, 90 agencies, in 28 countries. We are a global brand that has provided customer satisfaction and customer retention at an astounding rate of 98%. As an agency, we’ve got featured on HubSpot, Daily Herald, SEMrush, Hindustan Times, SiliconIndia, among multiple other big names. With our consistent efforts, we have delivered first-rate services to our clients as our work speaks volumes, and consider our happy clients and recognitions, a badge of honour.


Well, while we can’t guarantee you the results, we can provide you with an approximation or a timestamp based on your competition, budget, or specific strategies. We can provide you with a general scenario and based on our experience, we have made our clients happy and helped them achieve their marketing goals.

It depends on how competitive your particular domain or niche is. However, in general, it should take around 3-6 months for the results you wish to seek.

Our clients are exceedingly satisfied with our services. We will let the testimonials speak for themselves and for our work we are happy to share our SEO Results and case studies.

We have worked with E-Commerce, Finance, Food, Healthcare, Real Estate, Technology, Sports, Fashion, and many more. We are pretty confident in serving your niche as we have a ton of experience.

No, you don’t have to sign a contract as we operate on the ‘On-Demand Model’. You pay for what you need, and you can stop or pause your services as you desire.

Absolutely! We keep you first and keep the conversations open. At Make Seo Ranks, we believe in transparency and understand what specifics you require. We understand and explain the possibilities to you and work with you to build your domain authority over your competitors.

No, we don’t. We have everything in-house including essential services like content creation, link building, strategy optimization, web design, and development.


We clearly define the report metrics and show the changes that have happened over some time. Usually, we provide monthly reporting with important factors like ranking, traffic, links built, and more. We try to make the reports easy to understand so that you can understand the specific changes that have occurred.

SEO has changed quite a lot. No more spammy links, keyword stuffing, poorly written content, or any shady SEO techniques to get instant results. We make sure to follow the cutting-edge techniques, that are up-to-date and abide by the SEO guidelines of search engines. This includes writing informational content that solves the user intent, making links that are of value, keeping up with the web vitals, and any specific updates like Core update of Google.

Make Seo Ranks removes the roadblocks that you’ve been facing for a long time with your marketing efforts. We understand that marketing can be hard and sympathize with your pain points. However, this is the reason why we got into the internet marketing business and flourished within a decade. We let you do business to your greatest potential with our marketing efforts.

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Discover how we can help Discover how we can help

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Accounts Handled


Team of Professionals


Serving Countries


Client Retention