The Benefits Of SEO Reseller Services [What It Truly Brings]

Benefits of SEO Reseller Services

An SEO Reseller, also known as a white label SEO company, is a marketing agency that consists of SEO experts. However, this agency provides SEO services to other company’s clients. Therefore, a reseller acts as an extension of companies providing SEO services to their clients. SEO resellers have extensive relationships or in-house marketing teams so they can serve the clients of other companies. A company passes a client’s SEO requirements to an SEO partner, which, therefore, takes over the SEO requirements of a company’s clients. 

SEO Reseller services are white hat which means the reseller company does all the SEO work while the company dealing or bringing the clients gets all the credit.    

This endeavor has many advantages as it proves profitable for all the parties involved. The blog will cover extensively the benefits of hiring an SEO reseller. After reading this blog, you’d be able to form a well-informed decision on whether your business requires an SEO reseller or not if you’re looking for one.  

What Basic Services Do SEO Resellers Cover? 

SEO reseller services are often more than one thing. Certainly, being SEO experts they do cover some basic essential services, some of which can be:

  1. Content creation
  2. Link building
  3. Local SEO
  4. On-page audits
  5. Keyword research
  6. Reporting, tracking, and maintenance

Again, for every business, their SEO reseller services can vary. Therefore, choose your SEO reseller company wisely that provides quality SEO services and that are in sync with your needs.

What Are The Benefits Of SEO Reseller Services? 

Multiple is the answer to this question. SEO reseller services offer huge benefits as your agency or business can handle a large number of clients with it. Outsourcing work can take huge pressure off your shoulders. Here are some advantages that SEO reseller program can bring for your business:

1. Get Access To Best Tools And Technologies 

When you sign up for an SEO reseller program, you automatically get access to professional tools and technologies. Using effective SEO tools for your client’s campaigns has advantages, as the better you measure, the better the campaign progresses. The better the campaign progresses, the happier your clients. Hence, optimizing professional tools can help you detect duplicate content, fix site issues, traffic analysis, and much more. 

Free tools don’t give your client’s campaign the same capacity as paid tools do. Therefore, when you get SEO Reseller service from a professional SEO company or digital marketing agency, you get access to all those paid tools without spending anything extra. 

2. Lowers The Burden With Faster Results 

Certainly, you divide your work. You pass on your client’s SEO campaign to an SEO reseller company. Your burden gets halved but that doesn’t mean no work gets done. On the contrary, better and faster work gets done and you see much better results. 

You’re handing over your client’s SEO campaigns to an expert SEO reseller company, provided you hire a good one. They are experts at what they do. Therefore, you see faster and effective results in no time. 

This also gives you time to focus on your niche skills. Let’s say you are experts at mobile app development, but you have a client that wants an app and SEO done for it. Then, your business can handle the development of an app, while an SEO reseller handles what they’re good at i.e. SEO. 

It’s not your niche, so you shouldn’t be bothering dealing with SEO. It’s a constantly evolving industry just like any other industry and learning and keeping up with it can prove to be time-consuming. So, giving it to a reseller is a smart choice. 

3. Have Professional SEO Services On-Demand 

SEO is a broad topic and not a single individual is an expert at everything. Thankfully, with an SEO reseller, you get on-demand expert SEO services. SEO reseller consists of a team of professionals that are trained to work across different industries or niches. 

Therefore, when this team of experts works together they can provide your client’s business with a range of services like increasing brand awareness to website design, and more. 

Also, your needs can become customized with this approach. Let’s say your clients want 500 articles or more, or maybe they require 50 blogs. Any need with any number can become customized with an SEO reseller. Since it’s an on-demand model as most expert SEO reseller companies offer, you only pay for what services you’ve taken. There are no bonds or contracts involved. You pay for the services taken whether small or big. 

4. It Gives A Boost To Your Market Reputation 

Think about it? Happy clients tell other businesses about taking services from you. But that’s only possible when you give them great service. You can’t be good at everything, and if you’re not good at SEO, then that’s bad service to your clients and even worse news for your market reputation. 

To preserve and grow your reputation, allotting SEO services to an SEO Reseller might be a good choice. This way you can preserve your clients and even take more clients, without doing any SEO work.

On the contrary, you do what you’re good at. This helps you build better relationships with your clients. The decreased workload allows you to offer better customer service and even acquire more clients through this. 

You get to see happy clients, while an SEO reseller hoping for you to succeed does the work. That’s why white label SEO reseller services are beneficial for your overall business growth and ROI. 

5. Scalable Results 

Everyone gets results, whether positive or negative. For your clients, you’d only require positive results. For your client’s SEO campaigns, you’d want higher rankings for their keywords. You’d want more traffic that brings in more sales and leads, which therefore boosts their ROI. 

That’s what every client expects when they outsource SEO. If your company can’t carry this weight, then it’s better to outsource SEO. When you hand it over to the professionals, you see positive results. 

But with an SEO reseller, you also see scalable results. In short, you can customize your client’s requirements. Let’s say you have a client who wants two articles and 10 links. That’s easy to do. However, on the flip side, a client can have a requirement of 100 articles and 500 links. Now that’s a problem.

With an SEO reseller, you can achieve these needs of clients as an SEO reseller has the connections and the workforce to handle such tasks. Not only does the work gets done, but an SEO reseller agency makes sure to get scalable results based on your requirements. So, it’s work that shows results even if the requirement equation changes.  

Which Companies Require SEO Reseller Services? 

There’s a reason why there’s so much buzz about SEO these days. If SEO is done right, SEO can drive a conversion rate of 14.6%, as per Monster Insights. With SEO, businesses have a higher chance of ranking higher on the search engine result page(SERP). Through this, they get more traffic and eventually more revenue through boosted sales There are some specific companies, in that regard, that should look for SEO reseller services:

  • Full-stack digital marketing companies
  • Marketing consultants
  • Agencies that are experts in one domain of internet marketing excluding SEO. 


An SEO reseller can prove to be highly beneficial for your clients if you hire the right reseller company. That SEO reseller company can take over your client needs and serve them in the way intended. Meanwhile, you can focus on your niche. It’s a win-win situation for all as the reseller company gets its share, while you get yours along with boosted reputation and market presence. To get all these benefits hiring the right company for this job is the key as a good SEO reseller company covers all the basic SEO tactics for your clients.  

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