Here’s Your Social Media Marketing Strategy For The Year 2022


An average American social media user spends about 2 hours and 7 minutes per day on social media. That’s a lot of time with a lot of usages. If people are spending so much time on these platforms, businesses have all the chance to acquire them and make them customers. In this regard, Social Media Marketing can help businesses acquire new customers or lead for their venture through social media apps or websites. 

Businesses, nowadays, constantly look for innovative ways to acquire, inform or maintain customers for their brands through social media. Social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and more are always evolving. With dynamic platforms and consumer habits, your business’s social media marketing strategy must remain intact. For your social media marketing strategy, you can either hire an agency that provides Social Media Marketing Services or build your team. Either way, to prepare yourself for the future you should start today. 

This blog will look into the trends and the essentials, that should be a part of your social media marketing strategy in the year 2022. Read this blog in full to know the complete strategy that you should undertake for your business on social media next year. 

Trends That Should Be A Part Of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2022

With the changing times, your business requires a change in strategy. Here are some of the tactics that you must adopt in 2022 for an effective social media marketing strategy:

1. Focus On Creating Short-Form Videos

TikTok recently crossed its billion user mark in September 2021. That speaks volumes about how invested individuals are these days on short video platforms. 

However, businesses find it challenging to use TikTok. As per a Hootsuite survey, only 35% of respondents are interested in increasing their investments on TikTok. 

On the flip side, we all know how TikTok has boomed as part of a short video platform. Take a note of Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts and the success that they’ve had along with TikTok.  No one shows the same enthusiasm for Facebook Watch or IGTV. 

The word is out: Short form videos are the future and your business should invest as such. Therefore, creating short informative videos about your business or industry should be an absolute for your business in 2022.

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2. Shoppers Want Your Products On Social Media

If you sell products, it’s essential now you allow your customers to buy from your social handles. Retail businesses need to focus on setting up Facebook Shop, or Instagram Shop in 2022. Basically, make it easy for your customers to shop and help them buy directly from your social media. 

You don’t have to put your whole inventory out there. Just think about what your customers would prefer on a specific social media platform. (Now, that would require some research)

You can even set up paid ads or experiment with them. Your customers will find it easy this way to get your products in just a few steps. 

3. Paid Advertisements Will Be Required

With a decline in organic reach and growth on social media, it has become vital for marketers to now focus on paid advertisements. 83% of B2B marketers are now using paid advertisements on social media to put their word out.     

It’s important you put your message out to the people on these social platforms. Paid advertisements can be a great way to acquire new leads or customers if you target these ads well. 

It’s time to amp up your paid social media budget and put your well-performing posts on money. A well-managed paid social media campaign can bring great benefits to your business.

4. Social Media Customer Service  

Yes, you heard that right. Social Media Customer Service will be a part of your social media marketing strategy in 2022. 

It’s more convenient for customers now, to just get answers from you on social media. Instead of placing them on a call, messaging is more convenient for individuals nowadays. So make sure your social channels provide customer support through messaging. 

On the contrary, companies have not looked into this feature yet. You should start today and take the lead. Use chatbots, response templates for frequently asked questions. Also, train your social media marketing team for customer support best practices. 

5. Social Listening Is Valuable

Your business shouldn’t take any step without adequate social listening. All social decisions should come from social listening. 

Social listening allows you to understand how popular your brand is, or how it’s perceived by people. It also helps you to know your brand name mentions, hashtags. However, social listening isn’t just about your business. It’s about what people are saying or talking about your industry and competitors. It’s a science to know what’s happening within your industry and where your business stands, in regards to that. 

Having this valuable information can help you take valuable steps in your social media strategy. So, without wasting any time get on social listening to optimize your social media strategy for 2022. 

The Elements That Shouldn’t Change With Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

As we look into the future, we mustn’t forget about the basics or the core. Some things remain constant even as time changes. After the change, let’s take a look at what is constant and shall remain part of your social media strategy in 2022 and the future:  

1. Set Practical Goals

Before you start implementing your social strategy, you must start with the right aim in your mind. Set your vision before you start creating. Follow these tips to optimize your workflow:

  • Make sure that your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound(SMART).  That means your social media goals should be all that’s described above. Doing so helps you set up practical goals that you can rely on. 
  • What are you trying to achieve through social media campaigns? Is it more leads, more customers over the next quarter or 6 months? What exactly are you trying to get at? You must define your goals pretty well and take further steps accordingly. Each business has its own need in a specific timeframe, so choose your goals accordingly. 
  • Lastly, be clear with your KPI’s. This could include clicks, social engagement, hashtag engagements, organic and paid likes, and more. It’s important to measure your realistic goals practically and direct your campaigns accordingly. 

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2. Pick Your Audience Wisely 

Don’t assume. As per Sprout Social, only 55% of marketers use social data to better understand their audience. Every step of your marketing should rely on data and facts. Always put some research into picking or targeting your audience. Hard truth but not everyone is interested in your brands, or services so you shouldn’t waste much of your time and efforts on them. Instead, segment your audience by doing the following:

  • You can make use of your social media insights, to further segment your audience. Almost every social media platform gives businesses the chance to look into their analytics and get insights. Use this to your advantage and look at which demographics are reacting to your content. Use this data and target those specific individuals.  
  • Apart from the inbuilt social media insights, you can use a particular social media analytics tool or better use Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to set up specific filters that help you in providing meticulous data about your audience. Using this data, you can then create targeted content for your audience. 

3. Create Content That Users Find Engaging

And finally, after doing everything that’s mentioned above, you get what’s the most obvious. Quality content! However, it’s hard to create some. Your business is on social media and has customers that follow your business. You also have the additional task of acquiring new customers or leads through social media. To win it all, there’s one thing that you must do and that is, put high-quality content. Your content strategy on social media should take care of the following things:

  • Create content as per the channel. On Youtube, videos work. For Instagram, photos or dynamic-based content does best. Meta(formerly known as Facebook) is still reliable for static posts. LinkedIn will remain the most important platform for B2B posts and conversations. In short, study your social medium and post accordingly. 
  • Create content that users find engaging. It’s best to stay with the trends for this one and understand what people are posting. Post according to the times and the platform that you are using. Discard anything that’s outdated or doesn’t work anymore on social platforms. 
  • Lastly, have a consistent brand voice. People wish to interact with a brand as if they are talking to a person on social media. Having a positive, helpful or informative brand voice can quickly place your business as an authority on social media platforms. 

In Summary 

Your social media marketing strategy should focus on trends that are up and current as mentioned in this blog. Businesses need to stay up-to-date and focused with their social media marketing. All decisions taken should be data-based and improvements should be made accordingly. When you’ve analyzed the data, you must create valuable content so that your business can engage current customers and acquire new ones as well. Do as stated and you will get the best results from your social media efforts in 2022.

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